Listen to the story

We all need to tell our story.

I wake up all the time with stories about the earth, people, events, animals, the great beyond. I am not clever enough to think of this stuff on my own. I know they gotta be coming from somewhere.

Sometimes, I am just driving to work listening to music and BANG — there is this story idea or an essay that starts unraveling in my head and it is all I can do to not stop right there in the middle of the road and start writing it down. Other times, it happens when I am walking in the woods close to where I live (at least then I am smart enough to carry a pen and notepad with me). While I don’t drive mindlessly, my route is so well-known to me that I am autopilot much of the time. The same occurs during my walk in the woods. Some part of my brain becomes free to receive, imagine, and play.

I think (and I have had concurrence from my friends on this) that it is Spirit, the One, the whole that we all are, talking to me. I don’t think these are all just my stories and ideas. I feel connected with a spirit, a source that is more than just me when I am writing. I feel that someone “out there” is waiting to read what I write. Just like I read what other people write and get that little light bulb in the head effect or realize some ultimate truth within myself in another person’s words, I could be that channel for others, too.

I get a feeling that something wants to be said and needs my hand to say it. I think that is the presence of Spirit asking to be heard. You’ve been hearing Spirit, too, and are acting on it, which makes it doubly important to listen. Written words allow us a special connection to each other. The written word lasts much longer than the spoken word and can always be revisited and reinterpreted. The spoken word tells a story that may not ever be undone. There is no way to recapture words spoken. They are out there to tell their story. The written word allows us time to pause in telling our stories, to stop and actually listen to the story we are telling so that we can tell it in the spirit it is intended. If you ever start telling yourself a story in your head, stop and write it down. Then examine it for the message Spirit is giving you.  

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass

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7 Responses to “Listen to the story”

  1. sandiwhite Says:

    I like this story. Like you, I do wonder where they come from, do they arrive like dreams, unbidden and unforced by us? Funny little things pop in and out of my head with regularity, not so much full blown stories, but commentaries that I would like to remember and never do. People like me would be at a loss if were not for people like you, the ones who take the message and pass it on.

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Sandi — you write so well, I can’t help but think that Spirit gave you the voice you have for a reason. In addition to the bazillion other things you need to do today and all the tomorrows to come, you need to sit down and empty those commentaries on to your blog (ahem).

  2. Snoopykg1 Says:

    You have a true polished gift of telling stories in a clear, concise way that truly brings out the joy of writing.

    I believe there is a connection that the spirit is leading us to certain things based on our gifts and talents.

    I too, have heard this undying nudge to write certain things and get them out to a wider audience. I sometimes seek comfort in the Prayer of Jabez, an inspirational book published in 2000 by Bruce Wilkinson, when pondering this:

    “Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me”

    I have written a few things that have distributed nationwide, but nothing that somehow makes me write about a specific area or passion.

    I think of this anytime I feel that there is something I need to do that is somehow challenging, different or above my capabilities. As we sometimes hear there is nothing we cannot handle that comes our way, as we are already prepared.

    Blogging has truly brought out some of those stories for me, good, bad, or ugly! It is challenging to bring them all to become truly human and develop how you express your own beliefs and values. I have really never done that before (sounds sad does’nt it, I know), or at least for a long time. Been a working woman, wife and mother for so long that I forgot there is something more to me than that or that creative part of myself.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Kim, if you have not yet read The Four Agreements, you should. It talks about the story we tell ourselves and others. From what you have written on your blog, I know what kind of person you are. Listening and telling your story would tell me who you are.

  3. holessence Says:

    Barbara – I thoroughly enjoy being one of the many recipients of the stories you channel and the thoughts that they stir. Thank you for passing the baton in the time-honored tradition of writing.

    Laurie Buchanan

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Laurie — well, you’ve inspired me on many occasions to get off my butt and poke away at the keyboard. Now the only thing I need to do is actually market my writing!

  4. Gil Says:

    It seems these days that I can only bash out a sentence or two. At the moment there is so much percolating and so many layers to percolate through. When I am in my still place all I see is formless light and I am overwhelmed. Lately I have not felt any need to do or create anything. I seems to be a time of wait and see…

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