The presence of connection

Extraordinary connections are finding their way into my life. Over the past several days, friends have been writing on their blogs about similar thoughts and ideas to the point that it has become clear we are all being awakened by a shared energy. A new friend from Gaia ( introduced me to a book Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. Reading the foreword and preface at Amazon reveals that the author discovered his eternal presence at a very young age and followed a remarkable path of healing. Of course I will buy and read the book, but today what stood out for me was the idea that we are not our personalities.

I refer to personalities as the superficial presence that we all present to the world and believe that is who we really are. The superficial personality is ego driven, inflamed with fear, and desperate for love and acceptance. The eternal presence patiently watches the personality in action and might occasionally nudge (or, in some cases, whack) us, whispering “you are more than this.”

Some people have dramatic enlightenment, brought back from the brink of self-destruction and death by some miraculous realization.

My path to enlightenment has been one of reluctance, even though I pursued it relentlessly. I kept thinking if I just adjusted my personality all of the time to all of the people and situations I would be in, then I would “get it.” Then, I would be accepted, loved, blah blah blah. My path to enlightenment and reconnecting with my eternal presence was found by pursuing the path of working very hard to become like everyone else. It was tedious, painful, and didn’t work very well.

The path where I am connected with my eternal presence is much more peaceful, lighter, less anxious. When I am connected with my eternal presence, I am eternally connected to all of you.

 ©2010 by Barbara L. Kass


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2 Responses to “The presence of connection”

  1. Snoopykg1 Says:

    Connections are very important to all of life. I find this especailly true in my marriage. I have found that my husband has slowly lost his hearing and it is difficult at times to connect and really be in tune with self, either he or myself. It has actually taken my ability to understand it and deal with it. I would rather havek him acknewledge this disconnect as a health, safety, and communicaton issue, however he does not see it that way.
    Just today, we were in a small room with the vet getting OREOZ checked for a second opinion and the vet was talking directly to Mike two feet away to get Mike to hold the dog and Mike didi not understand that. I just hope he realizes it affects more than his home life. It makes me realize how we sometimes are in our own little world, good or bad, and we feel that everything is goo when it may need an adjustment or higher self realization. I have truly gone through this the last 3 years with psychological issues I needed to put to bed fromt he past. I truly feel that I am somehow past those issues, whoch also helps me deal with other”Stories” that might pop up from times to time, and I can actually meet them head on ans say they were just stories and now is now.

    That peaceful, less fearful, less anxious connection then come through loud and clear….


    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Kim — I think it is hard for anyone to look outside of themselves to see the impact they have on others. You are a very understanding and compassionate person. Your husband is a lucky man.

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