A heady experience

I have a tendency to live life from my head.

When I feel an emotion in my body, I listen to my brain tell me what emotion it is and what it means. I let my brain tell me what I should or should not do about the emotion or the situation that I am responding to.

I am not so different from about 99.9% of other humans. We all ascribe meaning to our lives, using what our brains know about us, our individual histories, and what we have been taught. It is a useful mechanism. Our brains are always working to take care of us in some way. They save us from certain death. We feel fear when threatened by people with guns or knives or a mother bear protecting her cubs. The primordial response to flee is programmed into us and our brains need only issue one command: get us out of here.

How we might flee, however, and surviving the flight requires every resource within us. So, we may not stop at that moment and consider what the threat means to us. Later . . . later when we talk about how we survived and live that moment over and over in our heads, there will be all sorts of meaning and judgments. We will have more feelings about the situation. Our heads will label each feeling and give them definition and meaning.

On a more subtle level, our brains assess, label, define, and give meaning to nearly every feeling. Our hearts, our souls, our spirits experience a sensation that we always believe we must interpret somehow. We cannot ignore the advice our brains give us. A lot of it is very useful. As my friend, Laurie, at Speaking from the Heart, says the key would be to connect our thoughts and our judgment with our bodies and with our souls and then do just do the best we can. She uses much prettier words than I do, but that is the simple message I have received from her wisdom.

Since I have been following that wisdom along with all of the other intents I set to bring my true presence to life, I have had the wondrous experience of not living in my head at all for small moments at a time. I have felt my presence just be in my body and felt only wonder at the feeling of being present without thought. Incredibly, my head does not fight back for attention. In that moment, thought is suspended and all is quiet. And there is a particular awareness that this way of being is absolutely perfect.

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass

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6 Responses to “A heady experience”

  1. Snoopykg1 Says:

    Thanks for putting this into words,I can truly relate.
    Listen with your heart…as Laurie describes…I struggle with turning the brain off and letting the body/heart take over. That surly means that I don’t use my heart,However being “on guard” is an understatement. I haved lived most of my life being on guard,ready for fleeing,flight,or just frozen thoughts without any regard for the body..



    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Kim — at some point in your journey, you will let go of the need to be “on alert” all the time; this shift for me has been a long time in the making, but first I made the decision and set the intent to become who I truly am; and, evidently, that means letting go of thought upon occasion.

  2. holessence Says:

    “I have felt my presence just be in my body and felt only wonder at the feeling of being present without thought.”

    Barbara, to just “be” — ahhhhh. I wake up very early each day, but before I actually get out of bed, I take the opportunity to just “be.” As you say, it’s a “heady experience.” I take that “feeling” straight into an hour of moving meditation. That combination — one/two punch! — is a wonderful way to launch the day.

    Laurie Buchanan

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hey, Laurie — again, you bring me good wisdom. My brain starts firing within seconds of awakening (which is why I write in the morning – to unload; I also write in the evenings for the same reason). As I grow into the “being” experience, I am hoping that I can allow it at will, to just say to myself, “right now, just be” and I will suspend thought for that time.

  3. jeffstroud Says:


    You are in a shift space or one of true awaking. I relate to all that you have written in the past few days. I think your consciousness is talking, even though you feel your head is emoting, what I am experiencing or witnessing from your words is evolving/shifting, the veil is lifting for now and you are seeing, feeling and emoting from a wholeness that you may not have experienced before.
    There is a section in Conversations with God Book 1 that discusses this journey and I will share some of with you in a day or two. But for now I just found and read this piece by Deepak Chopra, http://www.care2.com/greenliving/living-from-the-level-of-your-soul.html
    I think it discusses much of what you are now feeling…

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Jeff — I read Deepak Chopra’s piece once this morning and again this evening; he speaks about “light” in the same manner as I speak about “presence” and I find comfort in his words that I don’t have to be a spectacular light to fulfill my role in existence. I need only be. My brain is having a bit of panic over your words that it is my consciousness talking (my brain wants to be in charge); I do get at a wordless level the feeling of being whole in a way I have not experienced (that I remember anyway), but in a way that feels more real. Thanks so much for sharing your insight on this. Now I really must go pick up the Conversations with God books.

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