Red fox presence

Red foxes have recently appeared in my life. The real thing trotted across my back yard at dusk about two weeks ago.

From my shamanic practice, I know that when an animal appears in my life, I need to pay attention. Two other instances nudged me along the way and I have succumbed to the realization that red fox is here to teach me something.

From Ted Andrews’ book, Animal Speak, I supplemented my meager knowledge about the red fox. The red fox is imbued with the feminine magic of camouflage, shapeshifting, and invisibility – an indicator that something in my world is growing and shapeshifting.

One of the great powers that camouflage and blending grant me is the ability to come and go unnoticed, and move silently without revealing my intentions . . . this sounds more mysterious than it really is. The truth is that most people are self-involved and unconscious so anyone can be invisible by making sure you don’t do anything that is going to distract their attention away from themselves. I have often been accused of being invisible, which was fine when I was sitting in my fifth grade classroom and had not read the assignment the night before. It is not so fine walking across a busy intersection. Sometimes in doctors’ offices even after I have obediently signed in and sat down to wait, I have not been seen and had to make a ruckus. The staff have always claimed they did not see me. And, here, all along it has been my fault, not their’s!

There is the little matter of my aura, though. I have to learn to control my aura and adjust its frequency and intensity so that I harmonize more with others. Okay . . . a little more harmony never hurt anyone. This will probably be my greatest challenge because I can’t carry a tune much less harmonize. Oh, wait. Not THAT harmony. Okay, I get it now. Become more like the group who I am with (whether I believe in it or not).

Foxes are most likely to be seen in the “between times” at dawn and dusk – “between times” is where the magical world and our ordinary world intersect. As such, the fox is a guide to enter the Faerie Realm and its presence signals that the Faerie Realm is about to open for me. Last night, I dreamt about a man whom I know in real life. While we have an attraction, our clear and present boundary is that at least one of us is committed to another person. It is a boundary that can be crossed, but that we would not cross (it is called being a responsible grown-up). Interestingly, in my dream the boundary had been removed and it became somehow reasonable and expected that we would pursue a relationship . . . NOT a real relationship in waking life. The man is simply a symbol of what I have always believed to be off-limits. I am curious and fascinated just by the thought that I get to investigate a world I have up until now believed was closed to me. Heck, I am going to be happy to know what that world is!

The fox has some particular physical attributes that serve me well. Its tail is used as a rudder which helps the fox make sharp, abrupt turns giving me the power to navigate sharp turns in my life. Its thick fur makes it look larger than it really is. I can learn to use this energy to make greater impressions in my life. The tail also insulates the fox from the cold as the fox wraps its tail around its body shielding its nose and feet. The fox totem can help me insulate from anything that is cold, including in relationships. I can become warm and cozy in myself.

A fox totem gives me acute hearing so I can hear what is not being said along with the whispers. It has excellent eyesight and can see moving objects at the edges or borders of areas. People with fox totems can develop the ability to see spirit, see the beings of the “between places” and the fairies and elves. I would not mind seeing a few spirits, but am not sure of what my reaction would be if I came across a fairy or an elf . . . even one wearing a red suit and saying “ho ho ho!” Foxes also have a strong sense of smell and are able to discriminate and discern situations indicating to me I should “sniff out each situation” to help me know who to avoid and who to connect with.

Areas where the fox and I already walk common ground: we are both excellent swimmers, have great stamina, are very monogamous, are often solitary, and comfortable with being alone. We are both survivors with great instinct and have learned to avoid potential danger.

Cunning has never been my strong point. In fact, I am so slow as to have realized very late in life that I did not need to disclose every single truth about myself to everyone. The fox has a very cunning hunting technique: it charms its prey. Charming is not a word found anywhere within a thousand pages were I to write my life’s story. This is going to be a tough one. Evidently, the fox performs antics close to the prey it wants – leaping, rolling, and chasing its tail so that it captures the prey’s attention all the while drawing closer and closer. I haven’t leapt in 15 years, ever rolled anywhere, and can’t even find my tail much less chase it. But I need to learn because this is a behavior camouflage technique. Imagine that: behavior camouflage. Now I have to write a whole blog about that. Anyway, once the prey is enamored with the fox’s behavior, the fox pounces and that’s all she wrote. As I develop attunement to the fox, I, too, will learn behavior camouflage and how to capture any prize.

Note how well I have already learned. I sucked you in with my gaily prolific prose and wit making noise about learning something and here you are at the end wondering: why isn’t any of this about me? It’s all about her!

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass


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19 Responses to “Red fox presence”

  1. Gil Says:


  2. ButterfliesGalore-Kimberly Grady Says:

    This is very intreaging….I thinkI will need to read this again tonight…

    I guess I would say I came across a cat recently. I will have to wonder about that one for a while…

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Kim — domestic animals generally represent their counterparts in the wild. It is really very easy to identify your power animal(s). One way is just to pay attention to the wild animals that appear in your life, especially when you don’t expect them.

  3. holessence Says:

    Barbara – I saved reading your blog post for “dessert” at the end of my writing day today. And I wasn’t disappointed in the least. In fact, you not only captured my attention, you made me laugh with your, “I haven’t leapt in 15 years, ever rolled anywhere, and can’t even find my tail much less chase it.”

    My mother’s totem was a red fox. Not only could she be become invisible, I swear she had eyes on the back of her head, could smell trouble brewing, could hear people whispering in the next zip code over, and even though she was tiny, she had an arm that was longer than the law.

    Yep – having a fox totem is very powerful!

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Laurie — I would have loved your mother! I wish I was that canny . . . but — alas and alack — I am not. That is probably one of the things the fox is here to teach me. I am also very careful not to take any of this too seriously!

  4. sandiwhite Says:

    Barbara, let me say this before I get too carried away. I did not receive a notification – again. Not your fault, I am subscribed to ths blog and I’ll find out what the problem is. I must have firewalls so high that even Kilroy can’t peek over.
    Now, then. I started smiling halfway through and was laughing out loud by the time I got to that final flip of the fox’s tail or maybe I should say tale. I could actually see in my mind’s eye….the red fox perched on a fallen log, erect, tail wrapped neatly around her feet, nothing moving but her eyes. Taking it all in and not one of the forest creatures passing by ever aware of her presence. I have heard of foxes dancing in the moonlight light, I wonder were they entertaining themselves or if they had another more, shall we say…more practical purpose? At any rate, this was a grand tale, I’m wondering what other sleight of hand you might have performed while we were being charmed?
    By the way, last night I heard a big owl in my tree, doing his “Whoo Whoo” thing. I say it was big, it sounded like it was pretty big. Woke me up.

  5. Barbara Kass Says:

    that owl sure wants to be a big presence in your life, Sandi. When you have a chance, you might just want to ask him what he is there to help you with. The fox has come around several times before in my life but I never really paid attention. This time, I am paying attention.

    I wonder if the notification about posting is somewhere in your spam folder. My Earthlink account has a folder for “possible” spam which it holds until I say “yay” or “nay.” If it helps, it doesn’t matter to me when you finally discover a post and respond. Sometimes people respond to a blog months old and I am still happy to read it.

  6. Susan Kline Strahosky Says:

    Red fox crossed my path today and about a month ago during an open eyed meditation. Thank you for your insight.

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Susan — thank you for bringing me back to this blog and taking another read. I can see where I have brough fox’s insight into my everyday practice and how fox still walks with me. You have a wonderful gift with you now. Namaste.

  7. Nina Says:

    Interesting article. Decided to stay home and rest tonight but felt the urge to go to SB and grab an iced latte, on my way home I saw a fox on the street it was walking in the middle of the roads and beautifully swifted on off the road heading toward the trees. It felt awesome and I always look these things up. Last night I had a dream about a man laying on my couch as I awoke (in the dream) to find him there freaked out and told him to leave. He wanted to show me what was outside. It was a small wagon filled with green granny apples. The entire back was filled all the way up. His energy was kind. I wish I could be more lucid while in my dreams so as to not freak out and be able to communicate more without fear. I will work on this.

    I understand it has to do with my heart both the fox and the green apples.
    Thank you for this article. If you can share any insights please do.


    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Nina — although I’ve been away writing on other blogs, I am about to return to writing on Eternal Presence so thank you for prompting me. The fox is indeed asking you to pay attention to his/her presence in your life as are the elements in your dream. What part of you does the man represent? Pay attention especially to the awakening parts of you that might be scaring you: the man represents something to you that initially has you “freaked out” but really has very kind energy. What is that in you? It has been sleeping in your life is now beginning to awaken. What are green granny apples to you? Whatever that energy is, there is an abundance of it available to you and it is available to you through the energy that the man represents is just now awakening. This is wonderful for you.

  8. Nina Says:

    Thank you!
    I think the man represents love and possibly what my future husband may look like although it was dark and I could not see features. He was a tall guy and yes nice energy. The reason it scared me is because he was in my house on my couch as I awoke yet in my dream. I didn’t know him and naturally if one has an intruder we want him out:) but I would have preferred to speak with him longer instead of asking him to leave. The green apples represent my heart Chakra. I am healing from a breakup yet its allowing me for greater expansion and I am grateful for it all. Unless it was my father showing me abundance on the way but I don’t think it was my father who has passed (before I was born) yet I noticed a connection between the two in order to allow healing and again expansion. I believe its talking about what’s to come. I also had dreams of marriage one on my bday and then 7 days later another.
    I get lots of help via dreams for my awaken reality which is also a dream.
    BTW just to clarify the wagon was a hatchback vehicle and filled to the top in the back with apples and the man pointing at it. He was so sweet.
    What comes to you when you read this? I love synchronicity.


  9. Barbara Kass Says:

    My first impression is that the man in your dream is your spirit mate. He is trying to show you the way (the vehicle) to an abundance of unconditional love and healing. He represents a part of you that is awakening and that is startling to you, frightening even, and one that you might be inclined to view as an “intruder” at first. Not to worry. Invite him back.

  10. Nina Says:

    Yes this sounds like truth to me. I will invite him back in:)

    It may not be my ex whom I’m still thinking about too much. He is away and will be back in October and I sense he will come to see me but not sure if I want to let him back in, I guess it depends on who is he then. Don’t want to limit myself as I think the man in my dream may not be him…

    Thank you Barbara!!


  11. MAGDALENHA Says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I’ve been seeing the word and images of fox for about 6 weeks now, about a week ago I actually had a fox cross my path as I was pulling into my driveway. I’ve been going nuts trying to figure it out. I’m not sure if he’s my totem animal or not as I don’t recall seeing him in my dreams but just keeping seeing people with the last name Fox, images of fox as I go about my day. Any insight as to what you think it might mean?

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Mag — yes, it definitely means that fox is trying to get your attention. The best source of information about animal spirits and totems is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. Ted says that fox is the feminine magic of camouflage, shapeshifting, and invisibility and fox’s cycle of power is nocturnal, at dawn and dusk. Fox can help you to blend into your surroundings, including the people you associate with. Foxes can make themselves appear larger than they really are. They can insulate themselves from the cold very well and have tremendous stamina. They have very acute hearing, eyesight, and smell. This gives the fox a higher form of discernment and the ability to “sniff out each situation.” Foxes are monogamous. They love home and are territorial. If you can get a copy of Ted’s book (check the library) it would be worth reading the 6 pages on the fox. Online, there are various web sites that will tell you what fox should mean to you. What Ted Andrews wants you to do is look at fox qualities and discover for yourself how fox can be powerful in your life.

  12. Jenny Queen (@lilqueenj7) Says:

    Hello, I found this article after a red fox caused a “brake check” soon after leaving my house this morning for work. What was really neat about what you wrote is how invisible I feel all the time when in a crowd. People would seriously walk right in to me if I didn’t move out of their way. I am not kidding and I am fairly tall person. Maybe if I made myself more visible at work I wouldn’t have been passed over for promotion. Nobody actually sees or knows how valuable i am because I don’t put myself out there.

  13. Barbara Kass Says:

    Hi, Jenny — thank you for your comment. Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel “not seen” physically but also on other levels: emotionally, intellectually, etc. When you make yourself appear, it will need to be because you have chosen to identify with the group or person you want to be seen by so some empathy on your end will be necessary. Choose them wisely.

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