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the presence of messages

February 12, 2011

The presence of art was only prelude to a magnificent door opening for me. It is the presence of messages. In that blog, Sandy reminded me of our ability to be in love with others, to recognize their perfection from the eyes of creation. Jeff gifted me with a quote from Conversations with God, Book 2 that God has sent us “nothing but angels” to remind us of who we truly are. These angels are messengers (and you and I are one, too). In his blog, Jeff wrote with loud and solid words about breaking his silence and visiting with the emptiness he finds within.

Laurie introduced me to a new blog “Life by Design” where I gained some insight about “intentional investigation” or tracking the bread crumbs that appear on our path and being willing to do something different. I met someone new who left a significant message about “being in the not knowing” and jumping in when life presents us with something else besides what we had planned for. Ben sent me “A Message from Space” about how everything IS the message.

We are in that “everything” and so, we are the message, too. We are messengers. What message can we bring to each moment in our lives, each interaction with everything?

To complete this circle, in a course I am taking online with Robin Rice , she presented me with a Taoist wisdom: if you want to fill something, empty it. This wisdom speaks to being willing to be empty so that we make space for something new, something different to occur in our lives, and within us. We have to be willing to trust ourselves, our process, our intentions to receive the messages, interpret them, and fill our space with what is right for us.

I am brimming with this brand new idea that I am an angel for I emerged from God/Universal Consciousness/Master of the Universe/the One that we all are to live this illusion of being separate. I emerged because I have messages to deliver to others, the same as others have messages for me. Perhaps we built these human boundaries so that we can see ourselves in each other. Without reflection, would any of us know what we look like? Without reflection upon our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions, how would we know our own substance and thus the substance of all existence?

I can choose to let of a feeling that I have about someone, a situation, the past, whatever . . . and create that space for a new feeling to emerge.

This all started because I wanted to think about my existence as a work of art. How cool is that?

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass


the presence of art

February 8, 2011

Occasionally, a little nugget of words comes my way and strikes a little spark inside me. I read a lot, traveling roads paved with the sentences, ideas, discoveries, and conclusions of the world as seen through the eyes of others. Seeking to uncover my own undeniable truths, I sometimes find them in the most unlikely of places.

This morning I found a phrase about people turning their “lives into works of art.” I found it, of all places, in The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality by Andre Comte-Sponville. Yes, there are spiritual atheists out there, self-selected and defined, but that is not what this blog is about.

This blog is about living life as a work of art. I am immediately enchanted with the idea. Even though the author of those words was using them to describe the lives of Nietzche and Oscar Wilde as miserable delusions, I cannot help but take that phrase to the next level and be the work of art, live as if I am a delicate sculpture or a carefully crafted oil painting or the twirl of a ballerina.

What if I can construct my thoughts as if they were already Pulitzer prize-winning stories? What if I can direct my limbs as if they were a choreographed Broadway score? What if I can take my voice and create a symphony that makes me come alive with joy?

Thoughts to words.

Words to actions.

While I am seeking truth through the perception of others, I often find my own truths within the arguments of my own perceptions. I am spending these moments looking at every person, every creature as a work of art. It was no accident that a particular group of cells came together at a specific moment in time and joined with the living soul energy that now occupies that body. It was a carefully orchestrated plan that had been on the drawing board for centuries.

And each one deserves my applause.

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass