the presence of messages

The presence of art was only prelude to a magnificent door opening for me. It is the presence of messages. In that blog, Sandy reminded me of our ability to be in love with others, to recognize their perfection from the eyes of creation. Jeff gifted me with a quote from Conversations with God, Book 2 that God has sent us “nothing but angels” to remind us of who we truly are. These angels are messengers (and you and I are one, too). In his blog, Jeff wrote with loud and solid words about breaking his silence and visiting with the emptiness he finds within.

Laurie introduced me to a new blog “Life by Design” where I gained some insight about “intentional investigation” or tracking the bread crumbs that appear on our path and being willing to do something different. I met someone new who left a significant message about “being in the not knowing” and jumping in when life presents us with something else besides what we had planned for. Ben sent me “A Message from Space” about how everything IS the message.

We are in that “everything” and so, we are the message, too. We are messengers. What message can we bring to each moment in our lives, each interaction with everything?

To complete this circle, in a course I am taking online with Robin Rice , she presented me with a Taoist wisdom: if you want to fill something, empty it. This wisdom speaks to being willing to be empty so that we make space for something new, something different to occur in our lives, and within us. We have to be willing to trust ourselves, our process, our intentions to receive the messages, interpret them, and fill our space with what is right for us.

I am brimming with this brand new idea that I am an angel for I emerged from God/Universal Consciousness/Master of the Universe/the One that we all are to live this illusion of being separate. I emerged because I have messages to deliver to others, the same as others have messages for me. Perhaps we built these human boundaries so that we can see ourselves in each other. Without reflection, would any of us know what we look like? Without reflection upon our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions, how would we know our own substance and thus the substance of all existence?

I can choose to let of a feeling that I have about someone, a situation, the past, whatever . . . and create that space for a new feeling to emerge.

This all started because I wanted to think about my existence as a work of art. How cool is that?

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass


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8 Responses to “the presence of messages”

  1. jeffstroud Says:


    It is so cool, completely awesome. I see a pattern emerging here, one event, one word, one experience, weaves a web of consciousness around you and the world, making it all truly connected!

    I will have to come back check out all the links yet I wanted to make sure I commented now…

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Jeff — what I love most about this is that I am connecting with some very special people. I am in awe of the conversation that you, Laurie, Ben, Robin, Alison, Redpresence, Sandy, and I are all having at some level of consciousness we are barely aware of in this reality. I trust that connection because it has brought me wisdom.

  2. passionatepresence Says:

    Hi Barbara,

    You wrote… “I emerged because I have messages to deliver to others, the same as others have messages for me.”

    I would add to this that you are also revealing and connecting messages as well, and demonstrating how they can live harmoniously in the same space. Now that’s art!

    I love the emptying description. It was a tough one here. It is a bit like surrender. How do you do surrender when inherent in it is emptying or letting go? How do you do not doing? Hmmm!

    Well, you just let go Ben. Let it all drain out. Hold nothing. And there was the problem. I checked it out, and I couldn’t control every thought or feeling I had. Sure, I can suppress or not feed them with my attention or intention, but there is so much hidden from plain view in terms of tendencies and characteristics. I saw one just yesterday.

    I called my mother at 10 a.m. to suggest we meet at the bank at 3:30 p.m. She got flustered and thrown off by same day notice. She didn’t want to do it because to her it was short notice, and yet she couldn’t say that she had any pressing plans that would make it a problem.

    So we met at the bank, and she was pacing and impatient the whole time. We looked in the safety deposit box to record what was there. It took less than 15 min.

    As I closed up the box, I looked at her and said there now that was much less painless than I thought. She smiled and realized it was no big deal. As I drove home later, I thought “Now I know where impatience arises from. It comes honestly.”

    I thought about my Mother growing up and sure enough, there it was. She has always tried to have strict control of the environment she lives in. She lost her mother when she was 4 and life scares her. I didn’t realize something was soaking in some of her ways. At the time, it was just the way we lived. At that moment clarity was kicking in for the previously unseen.

    Just seeing and becoming aware allowed a willingness to loosen. Still, I can say I feel the feeling and notice the arising. So, the noticing delivers the message and awareness as it happens the clarity. Then doggone it when does it drop, empty, or drift away?

    Well, I can tell you over the years I would spend a pretty penny in trying to figure out how to fix the perceived problem, change it, enhance it, or improve some idea of self. What I didn’t see is that the feelings made it a tar baby for me. Once I engaged in the trying to change, the stickier it got.

    Now did I experience some good growth through all this? Absolutely! And It was painting lip stick on a bull dog until…. it became clear that nothing was wrong with it. Why shouldn’t impatience be happening? What says it shouldn’t happen? Who is deciding?

    What if I invite impatience in and say welcome. Come on in and have at with everything you have got. That is perfectly fine. There lots of thoughts here that want to resist the presence of your feeling and they are welcome as well. In fact, if there is any anxiety here lurking please by all means step forward. Welcome. Let’s just have one big get together.

    Does that change the texture of the situation? I can tell you it changes everything here. How?

    Well in this case, I would have the spiritual principal or goal, and then out came my sword to mold myself in that image. However, the only thing I was molding was thoughts about my supposed self and what it should look like. Unfortunately, it blinded me to other traits that I didn’t want to see incongruous with the image I was attempting to reflect back to my supposed self.

    In essence, thought was building the prison to bind itself in the name of growth, freedom, and all the beautiful aspects I dreamed of in a spiritual life. Wow! I have been blinding my self by constructing the thought prison of how I would see myself and all for very loving and noble reasons. That was truly humbling!!!

    So, now there is learning going on to invite all the feelings in and the thoughts about the feelings and the feeling about the feelings. The grip is loosening on the idea that something should or shouldn’t be happening the way it is. Thoughts are seeing through thoughts. The mind is seeing through itself and is saying I am willing to allow that everything is fine and that there are no mistakes even the things I label as really wrong!

    I am noticing a dropping away of traits I thought were me. Beliefs I thought were important. And to my surprise emptying and surrendering came by allowing it all in and walking through it. So, if these traits, beliefs, and the actions they inspired are dropping away, the Who am I really??? Uh Oh!!!

    My God I feel so blessed, relieved, and free and it is unconditional. The world and the people in it including all the thoughts and feelings about them don’t have to dictate the requirements for freedom and happiness. I don’t have to achieve some idealized version of self or attainment. I begin to experience directly that freedom, love, and happiness directly. It is timeless and get the shocker of this realization. It is “causeless”, and it invites it all in which sure is a different experience of love than I had constructed in my head, most of my life.

    Yes, something new enters and it is not about “me”. Who knew?

    Expansion comes from writing here.

    Deepest Bow In Gratitude!

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Ben, I am so grateful that you come by to give me the next level of insight and growth. I felt your mother’s fear when she was four and understood it completely. That you could connect with the four-year-old in her and make that leap to realization of what you absorbed as a result of her experience is amazing. You are growing all over the place. Accepting and fully allowing whatever it is you are feeling to just be and your ability to watch these interactions within you without judging or banishing any one of them is remarkable. I know the feelings of irritation, impatience, anger, disappointment, and I want to NOT be feeling them thank-you-very-much. Painting lipstick on a bulldog is one heck of an image, though.

      I think all of us conscript ourselves to the image of our spiritual perfection that we create in our imagination. I know I often think “well, when I am totally spiritual, then I will be all forgiving and accepting!” Ha. I forget that I already AM totally spiritual and no, I don’t want to accept that someone close to me is misbehaving which results in my feeling afrad and fearful for them. I want them to stop it or I want me to not care. Or, I can let go and just be with how I am. Like you, I don’t have to achieve “some idealized version of self or attainment.” I can let my presence come to life using my own wisdom to just grow into this experience called life.

  3. holessence Says:

    Barbara – At the end of this post you wrote, “How cool is that?!”

    It’s soooooo coooool that it’s GLACIAL!

    I love the various colors of thread you used to weave this tapestry (blog post) together with. It’s beautiful!

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Laurie — totally glacial. Now I am exhausted from uncovering this iceberg. And of course as with all icebergs, what we see above the water is only one-tenth of the mass that lies hidden inside deep waters. I cannot wait to see what emerges next.

  4. sandiwhite Says:

    Barbara, okay, I was driving home from my doctors office today, grumbling and mumbling about why on Earth was I even here anymore. Yes, typical, ” Doctor, I want you to save my life but you charge too much.” kind of B.S. It set me to thinking, really, where am I now on my Journey? Was there a message for me …. coming out of my own mouth? Could I really listen to myself and hear the stuff I was grousing about? What is my Worth? What am I complaining about? Was it not enough to have breath to draw without using that very breath to complain about my Existence? Couldn’t I just be grateful to be here for another beautiful day, to find the joy in it instead of making light of all the effort it has taken to train me up to this point? I know I have a purpose, my Soul has taken up residence in this body for a reason, I may not understand all that is to come, but the message I got from myself today, in a very round about way, is to be very grateful for the life I AM living. The presence of Messages are all around us every single day of our lives, if we would only take the time to listen.

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      I think that you hit on the absolute message, Sandi — being grateful for what we have. Finding all of the good and wonderful things that are in our lives. I know I focus on what is wrong, what I am missing, what I don’t have, and all that nonsense. I’ve decided to try an exercise: each time I think of something that is missing from my life, I will respond by coming up with two thing that I am grateful for having.

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