The presence of cycles

Last week, I had a birthday. My best friend from high school sent me an e-card that encouraged me to celebrate completing “another trip around the sun.”

All this time, I have been doing nothing more than running around in a big circle. Two circles, actually.

It’s a pretty fast ride. First, the earth is skyrocketing around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour. Second, our solar system is rotating around the center of the Milky Way galaxy at about 490,000 miles per hour.

At the same, time we are spinning on our axis at about 1,070 miles per hour (although the people at the poles travel slower because their circle is smaller . . . and, no, it does not make you age any slower).

Motion on such a grand scale feels as if I am standing still, yet I am attached and very much a part of these cycles. Motion on a molecular level (my cells dividing, consuming, dying) also feels like I am standing still. I can honestly say that I have never felt my body produce a skin cell.

But I can feel the momentum of one brilliant flash of insight and I am never the same again, no matter how hard I try to go back to me. I am simultaneously more and less than I was the moment before. Some neural energy reached across a synapse and sealed my consciousness to something new . . . something more than I used to be. At the same time, that connection loosens its hold on something I no longer need to be.

The earth is never the same from one day to the next either. The sun has spent energy that it can never recover. Minute by minute, the sun is diminished. I say this, but it would not surprise me if someday we discover that the sun is actually refueling itself. We are just so limited in our human minds that what we cannot conceive must not exist, and that is why we come to many of our erroneous conclusions about our existence.

Back to my point. My cycle of existence is very much a part of, within, connected to, and sustained by the cycles and circles of galaxies and a sun that burns so fiercely, it sustains life 93,000,000 miles away. This immense power has always sustained me and always will. I am changing, evolving, becoming just the same as any star in the universe.

To complicate matters, our Milky Way is zinging its way toward a specific point in the universe. I hope I am ready once we get there.

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass

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10 Responses to “The presence of cycles”

  1. holessence Says:

    Barbara – I’m dizzy after reading this wonderful post 🙂 The piece that I’m going to hold onto today and use as my mantra was when so eloquently said:

    “…[I’m] something more than I used to be.”

    That has a very empowering ring to it!

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Laurie – I am enamored with the idea of our becoming each day more than we were yesterday (and not just the pounds from eating carrot cake all week). I am not sure if any other animal evolves as much as humans do throughout our lifespan. Perhaps they do, but it is not reflected in their living the same as it in ours.

  2. ButterfliesGalore-Kimberly Grady Says:

    WOW I am really with Laurie…..I really believe this….we are moving faster than anything and we don’t even realize it….

    I hope to get more on the blogs again, as I have been moving (literally) and setting up a bit of a different home. on the one hand I want to make it a place where the kids feel at home, however on the other hand I have and am leaning what I do and how I manage things. Making time for fun and reflection at the same time….

    Evolving, renewing, wondering where I am going to speeed off to next…..k

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Kim — I know you have been very busy. The fun and reflection parts are the most important (I think). Interesting how when we are one with the motion, we hardly notice the speed. It is only when we are out of sync with motion that we feel we are moving too fast or too slow.

  3. jeffstroud Says:


    Happy Belated Birthday! Oh Right I wished you Happy Birthday on FB!

    I Love this: you said: ” We are just so limited in our human minds that what we cannot conceive must not exist, and that is why we come to many of our erroneous conclusions about our existence.”
    Just to breathe that in, to hold that idea that more exist than we will ever conceive, that allowing ourselves to evolve, to open our minds and hearts to the moment of now, for now it all there is, even though it took me a week almost to read and respond to this post. I have had it mark to read for days, but I needed the space to have to take in your words. Now was the time.
    I have been ill so my times seems to have slowed up in some area and speeded up in others. Yet the evolution continues…

  4. Barbara Kass Says:

    Hi, Jeff – yes, you wished me a very happy birthday on FB. I had a fabulous birthday and birthday weekend, very much enjoying my new trip around the sun. If I could do anything for a living for the rest of my life, it would be to explore all the things we assume we know and imagine that we have it all wrong.
    I am sending you waves of warm healing thoughts to soothe any ills you might still be feeling 🙂

  5. Kathy Says:

    Barbara, it’s a wild and spinning journey we’re on, isn’t it? Wishing you another marvelous year gaining many new insights into yourself, others and the preciousness of this journey. (Sounds like that’s happening already!)

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