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Toltec presence

May 3, 2010

In his latest book, The Fifth Agreement, don Miguel Ruiz shares with us Toltec wisdom. Toltec means artist. We are artists of everything: our words, our wisdom, our spirits, our truths . . . in other words, our lives.

When I came across this definition in his book, I became enamored of the idea that not only am I the creator of my own existence, I am the artist as well. I can color my world, shape my thoughts, design my interactions, and even critique the results. To be an artist means to take creation one step further after invention.

I can speak and write words. I can call something or someone beautiful, and people will know that I appreciate what I see. However, I can call that same thing or person enchanting, and suddenly people know not only do I consider them beautiful, but also how their beauty affects me.

In creating my world, I know I need to take care with my word in how I describe what I view, my interactions with others, and myself. My life is a canvas on which I paint words, thoughts, and actions. How I color them, the shape and form they take, and how I choose for them to affect me is my choice.

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass