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The presence of . . . data analysis?

September 30, 2010

It is Saturday evening and January is visiting. She is now in the third grade and packs a book with her wherever she goes.

We sit down to dinner and ask her: “So, January, how are things in the third grade?”

“Great,” she says.

“Are you learning a lot?”

She nods vigorously because her mouth is full of chicken.

“What are you learning right now?

January swallows and says, “Data analysis.”

The fork with my food on it stops halfway to my mouth. Data analysis?

“Data analysis?” I say out loud. But you are only in the third grade! (I say this only to myself.)


I am still disbelieving so I say, “What kind of data analysis?”

I get the perfunctory 8-year-old eye roll which tells me I must be a real dummy but January is too polite to say so.

“You know, Grandma. It is where you take numbers and put them on a chart or a graph to tell you what the numbers mean.”


But you are only in the third grade, I scream inside my head. When I was in the third grade, we had just finished addition and subtraction and were beginning to learn multiplication and division. Then I remembered that last year, in the second grade, January was already learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions (something I still occasionally have to look up the rules for . . . especially that dividing thing). I don’t think I even heard the word “data” much less connected with “analysis” until I was in high school.

While my befuddled brain is still trying to reconcile this information, January says, “And I’m taking keyboarding, too.”

Keyboarding? Now, I know I am ancient. Keyboarding (aka typing) was definitely a high school subject.

The accelerated life skills programming going on becomes clear. Our lives are evolving faster than our skill sets can keep up with them and January is riding that wave of evolutionary learning. She is not in an advanced or gifted class. She is in a standard third-grade public school class, but she already uses a computer regularly and, like most children I know, can figure out any remote control device.

She was born into the mainstream of a technological society and her brain has the capacity to absorb data and transform it into life skills that meet the demands of that society. Someone is looking into the future and asking the question, “What will we need to learn now so that we will be ready?”

While I make every effort to live in the present, humans are gifted with foresight, and we should all be asking ourselves that question: what is it that I need to learn now to meet the demands of my life tomorrow?

©Barbara L. Kass

The presence of evolution

August 24, 2010

I know now that I am . . . like . . . totally connected. Here’s the scoop (and it is kind of a long one so you may want to bring along a snack):

While reading the part of about our 4 billion year evolution on Ted’s blog a few weeks ago, I started wondering: where was I all that time? Was a I rock? Solar energy? I am eternal so I must have been somewhere. We all were/are.

The Universal Consciousness must have heard me because this past week, it guided my attention to an article about evolution in an old issue of EnlightenNext and now I know where I have been: I was a predecessor. Me and a whole bunch of you got together as some kind of precursor to our current human existence and, by agreement, we united and made it happen.

The article is an interview with Dr. Beatrice Bruteau. It was done back in 2002 (so you can see that even while I am connected, sometimes it takes a while for the connection to catch up to me). Here is an excerpt from that article:

“ . . . in order to appreciate and feel the force of what the present human vocation is, we need to zero in on how the elements of any particular level of cosmic organization actually perform the uniting by which they come to constitute a new kind of wholeness in the world. There is not some outside force that causes this to occur. The capacity for it is inherent in the uniting elements, and they themselves do it by their own characteristic power. Every level of cosmic being has its own power of communication, the power to unite with others of its level to make something yet grander. This is the pattern that repeats in the course of evolution.”

In other words, all that exists has the ability to come together and create something new. We evolve. We become more than we were before.

Dr. Bruteau goes on further saying, “So a molecule is a kind of community. A cell is a kind of community. Molecules are communities of atoms, cells are communities of molecules, and so on. Now, we’re following this same pattern that evolution seems to have followed, which is unite in order to create. The new human community will be some kind of an entity, some kind of a Being. Just as the organism is a collective of molecules and the molecule is a collective of atoms. So if you can get human beings to share their characteristic human energy—which is agape, knowledge, concern, creativity, inventiveness, and all the other kinds of strictly human energies that we have—all that interchange of energies binds us together into a community. And when the whole community experiences and practices this kind of love, the crisscrossing energies form a net, and the net is the New Being that can do what the individuals that it is composed of could not do.”

Oh, my . . . a New Being. I am not sure if Dr. Bruteau means a new human being or a new way of being, and it really does not matter. I imagine that children conceived and born into such a community would be much like the children being born into our computer age society: they come hard wired and using a computer is as natural as breathing. Children born into a community based on certain qualities would find those ways of being inherent to their existence. They would be the New Being.

Key to this ability, however, is the part where Dr. Bruteau says “. . . if you can get human beings to share their characteristic human energy . . ..” How many people does it take to form a community? To create this New Being?

According to Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth, we don’t need everyone. We just need critical mass – just enough to give energy to that way of being. Given our capacity to understand and change, I also don’t know that being a New Being would be reserved only to the newly conceived. I am so very different now than I was even five years ago. In making changes to myself, growing, and evolving, I often ask my atoms, molecules, and neurons to come together in a new agreement, a new way of thinking, and a new way of behaving. I could not have accomplished what I have in my life had I relied on my old community of cell wiring.

A large part of my own evolution was by conscious agreement. We all do this. When learning a new skill, we all require that some part of us gets rewired and creates a new set of connections that can do what we are learning. This new unified collection creates each one of us as a New Being who can do what could not be done before had those atoms and molecules not come together.

Each of us has a “characteristic power” – it is our individuality that can unite with other individualities and create a New Being. What is even better is that, just like molecules and atoms, we remain our individuality. We are not absorbed into some collective (shades of the Borg!), but by our own agreement we belong and support a way of living that some of us are only beginning to imagine.

Keep imagining. Each of us was at one time a precursor set of molecules that eventually got together to make us the humans we are today. Today, we are still a precursor set of molecules to the next iteration of our existence.

I wonder what we will make.

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass

The presence of Ted

August 15, 2010

I was reading Ted Howard’s blog on Understanding being human part 2” and am convinced that Ted is wired to the Universal Consciousness in a very special way. We all are connected in our own unique way, but Ted goes beyond unique. He goes where few brain cells can dare to venture.

As near as I can tell, the bottom line is that, as humans, our egos have evolved beyond our capacity to understand our entirety. We think we know everything, when in fact, the more we know, the more we find out we don’t know. We don’t even know the half of what we don’t know.

If you want to find out where you came from, check out “What is a human?” . You also will get a world-class view of where we are now and our capacity to go further.

Some time ago, Ted discovered that some of the cells in his body had changed their programming and become cancerous. He is meeting the challenge of healing his body which has somehow gotten the message to work against itself. Curing oneself of a metastasized cancer is not for wimps (however, if you are wimpy, taking on cancer is one sure-fire way to discover how strong you really are). One has to destroy or remove those cells who are beyond redemption while at the same time, convincing the cells who are on their way to becoming cancerous to change their minds. And then you have to talk to your immune system and ask it to beef up production while it continues its regular 24-hour job of protecting your body from all the other microbes who might seek to take up habitat in your tissues. Currently, the metastasized cancer cells are retreating and some apparently have given up the fight.

If anyone knows just how cells become cancerous and how they function, it would be Ted. In fact, he seems to know and understand a little too much to be an outsider. Ted must be an insider. Ted was probably one of the original designers of the solar system and this big round thing we call earth. Now, he is living the reality of his design eons later and discovering what works well and what doesn’t. And there is proof: curing cancer is definitely an inside job.

I can’t wait to see what he does next.

But I’m willing to wait another full lifetime to find out.

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass