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the presence of messages

February 12, 2011

The presence of art was only prelude to a magnificent door opening for me. It is the presence of messages. In that blog, Sandy reminded me of our ability to be in love with others, to recognize their perfection from the eyes of creation. Jeff gifted me with a quote from Conversations with God, Book 2 that God has sent us “nothing but angels” to remind us of who we truly are. These angels are messengers (and you and I are one, too). In his blog, Jeff wrote with loud and solid words about breaking his silence and visiting with the emptiness he finds within.

Laurie introduced me to a new blog “Life by Design” where I gained some insight about “intentional investigation” or tracking the bread crumbs that appear on our path and being willing to do something different. I met someone new who left a significant message about “being in the not knowing” and jumping in when life presents us with something else besides what we had planned for. Ben sent me “A Message from Space” about how everything IS the message.

We are in that “everything” and so, we are the message, too. We are messengers. What message can we bring to each moment in our lives, each interaction with everything?

To complete this circle, in a course I am taking online with Robin Rice , she presented me with a Taoist wisdom: if you want to fill something, empty it. This wisdom speaks to being willing to be empty so that we make space for something new, something different to occur in our lives, and within us. We have to be willing to trust ourselves, our process, our intentions to receive the messages, interpret them, and fill our space with what is right for us.

I am brimming with this brand new idea that I am an angel for I emerged from God/Universal Consciousness/Master of the Universe/the One that we all are to live this illusion of being separate. I emerged because I have messages to deliver to others, the same as others have messages for me. Perhaps we built these human boundaries so that we can see ourselves in each other. Without reflection, would any of us know what we look like? Without reflection upon our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions, how would we know our own substance and thus the substance of all existence?

I can choose to let of a feeling that I have about someone, a situation, the past, whatever . . . and create that space for a new feeling to emerge.

This all started because I wanted to think about my existence as a work of art. How cool is that?

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass

the presence of beliefs

January 20, 2011

The same message has come to me three times recently: the universe is living and manifested through me. I am enamored with this quote from the January 2011 Science of Mind: “there is a wholeness, perfection, love, and beauty in the universe that is seeking permission to live through and as your life.”

My intellect wants to examine this message with detached curiosity. My mind wants to convince myself that it is true. My heart would like to feel that belief in all its intensity. My presence is silent on the subject. Perhaps, at that deeper level, I already know this to be true.

And, if I choose to believe this, then it must be true for everyone, not just for me.

In yet another round of dual unveiling of self, Ben and I recently had this exchange in the presence of challenge:

Ben wrote “I notice as I move towards the thing that really calls me I run smack dab into my beliefs, boundaries, and comfort zones. That is why I really don’t believe in beliefs and yet I see I have them — some deeply hidden away. Those beliefs are the boundary I self imposed that I am not getting beyond or is creating the suffering and discomfort. I am holding onto some idea, belief, or concept about how my life is supposed to look.”

I responded: “Beliefs ARE self-imposed boundaries and someone created them — we absorbed them from the adults in our lives when we were very young and created them from our experiences. Not believing your beliefs has two facets: the first is some people don’t believe they have beliefs (they are delusional) and the second is as you say not “believing in beliefs” because they are just those thoughts/ideas we create to make a boundary for ourselves.”

That I received these messages about the universe and beliefs simultaneously made my inquisitive little investigator perk right up. What beliefs am I holding on to that hold me back? That cause me suffering? That keep me from becoming the being I truly am? Can I let go of enough belief to make room for the idea that I can be the universe manifested in wholeness, perfection, love, and beauty? Does believing make it so? Can I disband the boundary that I and the universe are separate and apart?

Like Ben, I am following the bread crumbs that I toss myself as I seek the path that lightens my heart and quickens my breath. I am seeking the magic that will unlock the words, the feelings, the living, the thoughts, the intents, and the manifestations of the universe incarnate. I find some paths are blocked with gates and locked with heavy steel barricades.

But I think the universe just handed me a key.

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass

The presence of transformation

November 22, 2010

Lately, most everything I have been reading sounds like I have read it before . . . much of it numerous times. The subjects are the same. The writers are rehashing old materials, adding a new twisty phrase or a personal glimpse. That might make the piece more interesting, but it is still the same story. I know that many of us need to hear the same message over and over and over in their endless variations before we finally hear the message and then hear it some more before we finally apply the message to our lives. What I want to know is: where are the new messages?

I’ve heard it said that every thought that could possibly be had has already been thought of before and now all we are doing is thinking the same thoughts over and over again but just saying them in different ways. I am not quite sure I believe this because I doubt that anyone would have thought to “Google” something or perform a face transplant before the year 2000.

Except . . . they would have used their own time’s equivalent of search and repair or transformation.

We are telling the same stories over and over, with the same themes and having the same results. What we need are transformational stories . . . the kind with messages that make us think of a different way of being in the world. These stories have to come from our eternal presence, the one who is practiced in the ways of transformation – the one who transformed from pure energy into the spirit within us.

I am seeking to write about ideas, concepts, realities, and fantasies that no one ever has before. I want to take my concepts of existence beyond what I know and realize in this moment and spill their guts out onto my computer screen. Some days my writing comes fast and easy and knobby startling little phrases drop out of my head and into my fingers effortlessly.

Other days, I have a head of concrete with all sorts of disorganized ideas stuck in slow motion. How do I jackhammer this cement to free those ideas so they can co-mingle and become one coherent bolus of information and inspiration? Do I have to wait for the weather of time to wear it down slowly with its scorching suns, freezer-burn cold, and hurricane winds?

There must be a kinder, gentler way to free these thoughts stuck in the concrete of my brain’s neurons and synapses. Waiting for transformation is like waiting for inspiration – an exercise of the desperately lazy.

Transformation is not looking for a place to happen, but the story is waiting to be written. It is in the writing of the story that transformation occurs.

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass