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The Presence of January

July 11, 2010

She is quite possibly the most exquisite creation to grace earthlings in a millennia.

Reader, be warned . . . I might be a little biased in my opinion seeing how I am the grandmother of this darling of a girl who has been epitome of my existence. Yes . . . there are moments when I know I was born so that she could have her particular entry into this human form at this particular time.

January is a total presence. She has been given permission and fully accepts her right to be exactly who she is. Her only responsibility right now is to grow, unfold, and blossom.

She wears her presence well. I watch her cycle through and reflect to the world what is going on with her at any moment. She is honest in her assessment although lately she is learning how to phrase her honesty so as to not hurt a person’s feelings. She is in love with life and wants only for life to love her back.

Every moment of her presence is about creating. She creates conversation where there is none. She fashions games to play on long car drives where the only playing pieces are our minds. She will hunt around for odds and ends and any coloring devices handy to turn a cardboard box into a cabinet.

She loves American Girl, wearing dresses, and brushing the kitty’s teeth “squeaky” clean. I am not sure how the cat feels about that.

When we are together, there is little else that I pay attention to. I let my hobbies and chores fall by the wayside. They will still be there after January goes home. It is hard for me to let her go, but I knew that was the deal the second I was told of her existence. Months and months before her birth, I became enamored and attached, and I didn’t even know who she was then.

She brings my attention to the perfect unique being that each of us are. There is nothing else to worry about, nothing else to desire, nothing else to aspire to. She has taught me that we are perfect just the way we are today.

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass

The presence of imperfection

April 14, 2010

Imperfections saturate my world. My imagination creates the perfect world – how life is supposed to be – and I constantly compare the story in my head to the story unfolding that is my actual life and experience.

Life is always better in my head. If I am not mindful and careful of the stories I tell myself about what is right and wrong about my life, I will always be unhappy, dissatisfied, frustrated, and alone.

Living from the basis of a dual nature (right/wrong, good/bad) leaves me no room to find the perfection in what truly exists, including myself. There are obvious circumstances that are non-negotiable such as purposefully harming another human being with the intent to hurt them, but even that becomes negotiable if I am fighting for my life or the lives of my loved ones. Most of life consists of compromises and acceptance. Even if I were to find the perfection that lives in my imagination, its life expectancy is about a nanosecond.

Each moment is the perfect unfolding of my life. It is my intent to live as my true presence that sets the stage for that unfolding. So I must ask myself each morning: how will I bring my presence to life today?

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass