the presence of knowledge

Awareness is a tricky adventure. We are aware, at some level, either consciously or unconsciously, of all that exists and all that happens. If we were to consciously recognize the totality of existence, it would overwhelm our limited human capacity. Our psychological safety net is that we will only become aware of that which we are ready and able to be aware of.

I told you it was tricky . . . but hang on. It gets better.

A friend sent me the link to a 4-minute video about the Hubble telescope (see

The Hubble recording brought us knowledge that we did not have before. It discovered hundreds of galaxies a bazillion light years away, recorded that knowledge, and brought it back to us. Now we know it, too. The universe knew of their existence upon their birth. The Hubble did not learn anything new, and neither did we. Our awareness grew. The telescope simply channeled the truth and reality in outer space to us. We will channel that knowledge into various aspects of our lives (for me, it mostly deepens the mystery of existence).

We do not own this knowledge. We did not create this knowledge. We think we created the Hubble telescope, but actually, we channeled the knowledge of how to build the Hubble. It is a shamanistic viewpoint – the channeling of ability and knowledge. A doctor is a shaman. A teacher is a shaman. You are a shaman. We all channel the knowledge that is already known and use it for our own purposes. All that we have invented comes from channeled knowledge. We invented antibiotics from channeling the knowledge we gleaned when we discovered penicillin. We invented the airplane from watching birds fly.

The answers to everything already exist. Everything that is to be known is already known. As every event occurs, it is instantaneously known to our universe. Because we are connected most intimately with our universe at the spiritual and cellular level, we know it, too. As soon as someone says “What if . . .?” or “Is there . . .?” “How can I . . .?” the universe begins compiling that information to make it possible. The result may take two hundred human years to manifest, but it will manifest.

If, for example, within your wider desire for humanity, you want an end to war as a method to resolve conflict, keep it in your thoughts. Know that the solution is already formed while we speak. It may take several generations for us to become aware of it, but it will happen.

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass

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8 Responses to “the presence of knowledge”

  1. passionatepresence Says:

    Enjoyable read Barbara! Thank you!

    It is interesting that you bring up Hubble and space. There are many revealings going on these days. One big one is that the data collected from the Hubble telescope and other technologies is suggesting the Big Bang theory may not be correct after all.

    The Hubble is also helping to reveal that the scary dark matter in Black Holes may be a form of light pouring into the universe just beyond our perceptual horizon or what our senses can detect.

    The black holes didn’t just decide to be nice and provide light. Whatever is coming out of them probably have been for some time although I don’t know that. Our interpretation has changed which is your point I think.

    Right, this is key. We don’t know what we know. We don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know if our interpretations are correct or not in a lot of areas. We for sure are living in a mystery. We have very little knowledge about how much of this world is supported by what is unseen beyond our perceptual horizon.

    Does that make me feel vulnerable? Oh Yeah and that is greatness. Often (certainly not always) what passes for knowledge gets to be about self survival and protecting us from feeling vulnerable. I say the vulnerability opens the body\mind up to the wonders of the mystery creating the potential for intimacy also opening the channels wider.

    It can feel kind of scary at times similar to a first love as a teen ager and the feeling you will just die if you can’t get together and yet scared as to what would happen if you do.

    That is the beauty of it. Yes, I\we think we know and find out there is another layer. I would like to learn something from this. I would like to learn that life as it unfolds is the beautiful mystery and wonder of discovery like a wide eyed child rather than getting all puffed up about what I know.

    I would like to see leaders emerge in this world who remain open and follow the bread crumb trail of what the universe reveals and allows that to move them in new and innovated ways. It seems we have been supported all along and the only thing that questions that is our\my self protective instincts and desire to be separate and special.

    Here is an interesting YouTube video from a cosmologist I enjoy.

    Great Topic!

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Ben — I am certainly not the first person to think about awareness and knowledge like this (the shamans have known it forever). What I am grateful for is that this is my processing of the wisdom of the universe we live in. It is my awareness in its infancy, and this is the limit of my ability to acknowledge the infinite power available to us. I like what you said about the black holes providing light. I had a vision about four years ago where I witnessed an event horizon. It so moved me I drew a picture of it. It is an abstract representation because I am not so gifted that I could reproduce what I actually saw. I will try to post it here.
      It is interesting that the more we know, the more we realize we DON’T know. A thing once known can never be unknown, only forgotten.

  2. passionatepresence Says:

    Please do post the art Barbara! I have had an intuitive draw to event horizons and the subject matter for a number of years with no direct experience.

    Have you noticed that the movies, and even some of the scientific writings about Black Holes and Event Horizons, make them sound scary? Scary to what? Scary to what we currently think we know and ideas of self preservation. What I like about Shamanistic cultures is that they dive right into these dimensions. They have seen for centuries what science is just starting to reveal.

    The cosmologist in the video series above theorizes that chakras on the body are black holes. They are just beyond the perceptual horizon and yet they can be felt. Light and energy can pour through them. I can feel energy pouring in through them through the use of a crystal and some methods I have learned from the Taoist healers.

    I had an experience of everything being holographic about 2 years ago. In a sense everything including what I took for my body mind is a hologram projected as light into the fabric of this world. It was humbling and thoughts were running wild with fear although nothing harmful was actually happening. The whole experience was very educational. It was the sense of both existing and not existing at the same time. It lasted about 4 to 5 hours and then shut down. I was not ready for that, and it has taken the time since then to open up to the mystery of it and be o.k.

    I don’t know what is going on, and I expect it is entirely different than what I have been told to imagine. It is a fascinating topic that seems to be opening before us in these times. Perhaps it is not to scare us, but to insure us that something larger is happening and as wild as it looks it can be trusted. It could be we have no choice.

    Thank you for the post!

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Ben — I am looking for the photo. I think it is still on my camera disk so I gotta find the camera! I agree with you about the hype surrounding black holes and event horizons. Your experience with being holographic sounds fascinating. I’ve never had such an experience, but oddly enough, I can imagine it. Knowing technically how holograms are generated, I can easily believe that some kind of energy is generating us, these bodies, and our minds are connected to it somehow (depending on how you might define “mind” – I think of it as the part of us who assesses what appears to be reality and tells us what we should do about it). As soon as I find that camera, I will post the picture!

  3. holessence Says:

    Barbara – This discussion thread is wonderful. Simply wonderful!

    “The answers to everything already exist. Everything that is to be known is already known. As every event occurs, it is instantaneously known to our universe. Because we are connected most intimately with our universe at the spiritual and cellular level, we know it, too. As soon as someone says “What if . . .?” or “Is there . . .?” “How can I . . .?” the universe begins compiling that information to make it possible. The result may take two hundred human years to manifest, but it will manifest.”

    yes, Yes, YES!

  4. sandiwhite Says:

    Have you ever heard someone say, ” Oh, it just came to me.” This in response to question, ” But how did you know that?” ” Oh , it just came to me.” Sometimes you will have the answer before you knew you were seeking it, often it will have been waiting quietly in an outer room of your mind. The Key appears before the Lock has be encountered, the two are mated and new knowledge is revealed. Many times I have halted in my work, just idling in neutral as if were, and There! The answer is in front of me as I knew it would be. I only had to give it a little time to come forward. Thanks for an interesting thought to play with!

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Hi, Sandi — you have just described the way I managed to get through college algebra. I used to sit for hours working to solve problems, knowing that I was “missing” something elemental that would help me understand the problem and be able to solve it. I would get to a point where I knew I just needed to let my mind absorb what I knew and make space for what I did not know yet. And then the answer would, like you say, “come to me.”

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