The wonder of presence

Words with “wonder” were prevalent in my vocabulary within the first 30 minutes of my awakening today. I even started making up words . . . like “wonderfuller” meaning more of wonder.

Occasionally I am blessed with the presence of mind to become acutely aware of how just being a presence is a wonder. I exist . . . how amazing is that?

The alternative, of course, is nonexistence but if we can be aware of what nonexistence is, does that mean it exists?

Yes, I am definitely in a mood today.

My presence in life is a shared miracle. I share presence with every other sentient being. Our energies connect no matter what our physical distance. I share presence with living matter such as plants and minerals when I ingest them. Minerals are a particularly interesting presence. They enter our bodies through food or water and do their jobs: calcium makes our hearts beat, the iron in our blood cells latches on to oxygen to carry it where it is needed, and salt is required to control the amount of water we have in our bodies. The best thing about minerals is that we can reuse them over and over and over and have since life began on earth. The calcium in my bones was probably used by another creature (maybe even a dinosaur!). When it exits my body, calcium will still be calcium on its way to another home. It will just know me a little better.

Today, I am mindful of the amazing wonder of presence. My goal is to see the eternal presence in everyone who comes on my path. My intent is to connect with them so that we both can share that solitary miracle – the knowledge that we exist.

©by Barbara L. Kass

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4 Responses to “The wonder of presence”

  1. holessence Says:

    “… just being a presence is a wonder.”

    Barbara – I can always count on getting a large portion of food for thought in your blog. Thank you.

    Laurie Buchanan

  2. sandiwhite Says:

    Barbara, your mention of calcium making the rounds reminds me of a conversation between Ted, of New Zealand and Jon of the U.K.. They remarked on the chances of the same oxygen being cycled and recycled all over the world and what the chances were of having breathed the same oxygen. Ted, being the Miracle Mind Man that he is actually sat down and calculated the odds. It was some remarkable number that I would never have dreamed of. Being a presence at the same time as these two interesting and entertaining people is a joy I’ll never get over. And they are just two of how many people? It’s all a miracle to me.

  3. Barbara Kass Says:

    Hi, Sandi — leave it to Ted to actually put numbers to those odds! I think the odds are better for the water cycle since we have been using the same 2% of water since the beginning of time . . .

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