Unsettled presence

I am an unsettled presence. Sitting still and focusing have been particularly out of reach these past few days. Lots of life odds and ends clamor for my attention and taking care of the details of my life feels a lot like what I imagine herding cats feels like. I get one set on a specific direction, but then as soon as I focus on another, off the first one goes chasing some imaginary piece of lint dancing in the breeze.

Somebody is happy in here chasing those invented curiosities. 

Some part of me must be like the Magic cat – always looking for the next best thing to play with. It is not a new discovery for me that I want to know everything. The new discovery is that I might be inventing toys to investigate.

Today, for example, I am investigating a new way of being with the people at work. My presence wants to view my work place as more of a playground. My efforts at work and their results are a source of seriousity (<==== not a real word but fun, yes?) for me. I think it is SO important but the reality is that everything I do today will be like dry leaves on pavement tomorrow – eventually the breeze will clear them away to rot on the soil beneath the sun and rain and become fertilizer for something else to grow.

©2010 by Barbara L. Kass

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10 Responses to “Unsettled presence”

  1. Snoopykg2 Says:

    Good Morning!
    Seriousity? I Love it!

    Having coffee with you this morning….I am at Caribou Coffee….

    Always wanting to learn everything is near and deaer to me as well. It is a huge balencing act, it is just that in my world, an act. There is eternally so much to learn and discover! Quite honestly I am not sure if mankind has even understood a minute fraction of what is out there to learn. However done a great job in the process.

    NOTE: My email has changed to Snoopykg2@aol.com


    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Kim, you are a wonderful explorer with a natural curiosity and a superb intent to leave the world a better place than when you found it. I know I enjoy my interactions with you immensely and I know I always feel a little bit better when you have visited me.

      • Snoopykg2 Says:

        They do call me Snoopy! And i am a QA Manager! Always exploring everything!

        the feeling is very much mutual. You have so many wise insights.


  2. holessence Says:

    The new discovery is that I might be inventing toys to investigate.

    Barbara – Thank you for paving more avenues for me to stroll in my mind today.

    Laurie Buchanan

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      Well, Laurie, I am anxious to find out if you discovered or invented any new toys to play with today 😀 I invented a new word and managed to live through a meeting with the director and deputy director of our agency — they are nice people but very, very powerful . . . but I used The Force and all came out well.

  3. jeffstroud Says:


    I found this poem and it spoke to me of you!

    am the Spirit Moon.
    You do not see me for I am hidden
    inside the soul.
    Others want you for themselves but I call you
    back to yourself.
    You give me many names but I am
    beyond all names.
    I am the garden of all gardens
    I speak as the King of all flowers
    I am the spring of all waters.
    My words are like a ship and the sea
    is their meaning.
    Come to me and I will take you
    to the depths of spirit.

    ~Mevlana Rumi

    Translated by Azima Melita Kolin & Maryam Mafi

    • Barbara Kass Says:

      A Rumi poem! How dazzling! Thank you, Jeff. That is the voice of the eternal presence I feel. It is like someone calling me home even when I think the great adventure is someplace else. Interestingly, my day went very smoothly and I think it is because I kept reminding myself of who I really am and who everyone else really is, too.

  4. holessence Says:

    Barbara – While it wasn’t exactly a new toy …

    … I wrote about “self-absorption” and had an absolute blast doing it! I shifted my perspective and wrote it from a narcissist’s point of view. It was really fun to pretend to march down the street, yelling into MY cell phone about the intimate details of MY relationships, MY job, MY money, MY dinner party, MY workout, and MY new hairstyle. I was oblivious to everyone and everything around ME. I thought and acted as though the sun rose and set for ME. It is, after all, MY universe!

    Len, of course, told me that he’d hold my head under water until the bubbles stop if I didn’t step out of character, IMMEDIATELY!

  5. Snoopykg2 Says:

    Laurie be good….Len will blow a gasket
    I am sorry, but we do not need another death in Crystal Lake (That story is sad, in the paper today) this week, it would really be tragic and devastating to loosed you or is it MISS ME, and after all what would the dogs do!


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