Eternal Presence

I am an Eternal Presence. 

Either that or I am an experiment gone terribly, terribly wrong . . .

Let’s go with the Eternal Presence thing. I am a presence made up of an energy that we have not yet discovered a means to measure apart from all that exists; and I don’t think that it is possible to measure our energy separately. I think that all of us are connected in a fabric that creates all that exists and we are creating this existence from our energies (that belief always sort of leads me to the experiment-gone-wrong theory). Of all the things we could choose to create, why did we create such a mess? Most of what we do in life is a huge distraction. We could, if we wanted, create something a little less destructive, something a little more loving, supportive, and accepting of all the energies that each of us are. And it won’t take the whole world of people to change. We have on our side critical mass theory (or Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping point). It does not take a majority of energy to make a difference, to tip the balance to make a different world. All it takes is critical mass: just enough.

I am a member of the critical mass. I am a seeker of our next level of consciousness. It calls to me. It pulls me. It speaks of transcending attachment, letting go of ego. It says “let’s go create something that has not been seen before.” It says existence based on love and acceptance is possible.  To create such a world requires total authenticity. Any fake fabrication will dwindle and dissolve into invisibility because it is just too hard to sustain the energy of a lie. The creator must be his or her true eternal presence.

And that is what this Web site is about: bringing our true presence to life. The eternal you. The eternal me. We each have an eternal presence who has always existed as some form of energy. Right now, you and I are the energy of humans, but we are also the energy of water. We are the energy of minerals like calcium and salt and the vitamins within the food we eat. We are the energy of the animal flesh we eat as well as the energy of the vegetable. We are all these energies, and one more. We are also the energy of soul, of spirit, of the One, of the Universal Consciousness, of God, of all that exists. The energy that will depart the molecules of your human body upon its death. You are that, too. You and I are each a presence that came to this life for a reason — some theories say we chose the life we have long before we were ever born. That is the presence that I seek here. That is the presence who I am bringing to life. 

In his book Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl poses the question: “What is life asking of you?” The instant after I read those words, a quiet whisper in my heart said, “Who is going to answer?” I realized I had a choice. I could respond to life from my human ego. I could respond to life from some unconscious pattern. I could respond by my programming. Or, I could respond as the whisper in my heart: the person, the energy, the being, the presence that I came to this life to be.

Each day I wake up and set my intent: How will I bring my presence to life today? Will I bring it with love? Joy? Spontaneous combustion? (You can laugh; that was supposed to be funny.) I hope each post that I bring to this Web site connects with and stirs your eternal presence.


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