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the presence of knowledge

March 20, 2011

Awareness is a tricky adventure. We are aware, at some level, either consciously or unconsciously, of all that exists and all that happens. If we were to consciously recognize the totality of existence, it would overwhelm our limited human capacity. Our psychological safety net is that we will only become aware of that which we are ready and able to be aware of.

I told you it was tricky . . . but hang on. It gets better.

A friend sent me the link to a 4-minute video about the Hubble telescope (see

The Hubble recording brought us knowledge that we did not have before. It discovered hundreds of galaxies a bazillion light years away, recorded that knowledge, and brought it back to us. Now we know it, too. The universe knew of their existence upon their birth. The Hubble did not learn anything new, and neither did we. Our awareness grew. The telescope simply channeled the truth and reality in outer space to us. We will channel that knowledge into various aspects of our lives (for me, it mostly deepens the mystery of existence).

We do not own this knowledge. We did not create this knowledge. We think we created the Hubble telescope, but actually, we channeled the knowledge of how to build the Hubble. It is a shamanistic viewpoint – the channeling of ability and knowledge. A doctor is a shaman. A teacher is a shaman. You are a shaman. We all channel the knowledge that is already known and use it for our own purposes. All that we have invented comes from channeled knowledge. We invented antibiotics from channeling the knowledge we gleaned when we discovered penicillin. We invented the airplane from watching birds fly.

The answers to everything already exist. Everything that is to be known is already known. As every event occurs, it is instantaneously known to our universe. Because we are connected most intimately with our universe at the spiritual and cellular level, we know it, too. As soon as someone says “What if . . .?” or “Is there . . .?” “How can I . . .?” the universe begins compiling that information to make it possible. The result may take two hundred human years to manifest, but it will manifest.

If, for example, within your wider desire for humanity, you want an end to war as a method to resolve conflict, keep it in your thoughts. Know that the solution is already formed while we speak. It may take several generations for us to become aware of it, but it will happen.

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass


the presence of absence

March 6, 2011

I have been absent from my blog for several weeks now. The space I created in my life for blogging is currently snatched away by other seemingly more important, more pressing issues. My classes at Loyola require extensive reading and writing. I am learning much from all of that reading and writing, hoping, waiting for the day to return that allows me space to reflect and write something coherently special for my blog.

Meanwhile, I am on a leave of absence. Absence is the word we use when we are not present where we (or others) believe we should be. Perhaps we have made an agreement to be at a place and others expect us to show up. Sometimes, we contract with ourselves to show up at a specific time for a specific purpose. Other times, people simply delude themselves into believing we should be where we are not.

I contracted with myself over a year ago to show up on this blog as a way of bringing my true presence to life. Writing is my connection with myself. Blogging is my connecting with others. It is where I am my true presence in hypertext. It is a way of memorializing where I am in that moment. I like being able to go back and reconnect.

I am still fully present in my life. My absence from Eternal Presence acknowledges that I am elsewhere. What is necessary is that I look at my reason for being elsewhere. What have I put ahead of the commitment to be here on Eternal Presence? What story am I telling myself? Am I deluding myself about what constitutes my reality? After all, I made the space to write this blog today. What obligation do I have to myself to show up?

No one is biting their fingernails waiting for my return.

Except me.

©2011 by Barbara L. Kass